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No matter where you are on your faith journey, there’s always more to explore in God’s Word. Dive in and feed your curiosity with the NIV Faithlife Study Bible.

1. NIV Faithlife Study Bible | Official Book Trailer
2. Avoid Studying the Bible in an Echo Chamber
3. NIV Faithlife Study Bible Q&A with Michael Bird



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NIV, Faithlife Study Bible, Bonded Leather, Black, Indexed
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NIV, Faithlife Study Bible, Imitation Leather, Gray/Black, Indexed
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NIV, Faithlife Study Bible, Imitation Leather, Gray/Blue, Indexed
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Endorsements for the NIV Faithlife Study Bible

  • “The goal of most pastors is to support scriptural insight with details that bring depth and richness to their teaching. The NIV Faithlife Study Bible takes readers on a similar journey, providing practical points of interest supported by comprehensive study tools. I love the NIV Faithlife Study Bible. I’m confident you will as well.” - Andy Stanley Senior Pastor North Point Ministries
  • “The NIV Faithlife Study Bible is an amazing tool for studying the Bible. It’s simple enough for a new believer to understand and packed with valuable insights for those who’ve studied the Bible for years.”  - Craig Groeschel Pastor of Life.Church (Creators of the YouVersion Bible App)
  • “The NIV Faithlife Study Bible is a well written and wonderfully illustrated aid to biblical study. The notes are fresh, concise, and informative, while the diagrams, charts, and illustrations help visibly explain the history, language, people, and culture of the Bible. The NIV Faithlife Study Bible is like having a tour guide for studying the world of the Bible. A great resource for anyone who is serious about reading and growing in the knowledge of Scripture.” - Dr. Michael F. Bird (PhD University of Queensland) Lecturer in Theology at Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia
  • “There is nothing more important than hearing the voice of the Lord speak. And though, as Psalm 19 says, creation portrays Him in its majesty, it’s only in His Word that we actually interact with Him and experience the reviving, training in wisdom, rejoicing, and enlightening His sweet Word offers. Knowing the Lord through His Word is our very life. And yet, there are many times when simply reading the Bible in English leaves us with more questions than answers. And since most of us don’t have time to study the original languages or get degrees in theology, we’re left wondering exactly what He meant in a certain passage. That’s where the NIV Faithlife Study Bible comes in. In it you’ll discover answers from some of the top theologians of our day, notes defining words that may be unclear, beautiful graphics and timelines, and even discussions about possible interpretations of difficult passages. The Word of the Lord is indeed a lamp for our feet and the NIV Faithlife Study Bible will help you use it for all its worth.”  - Elyse Fitzpatrick Author and Conference Speaker
  • “If the Word of God nourishes the soul, trains the mind, and is used by the Spirit to transform our lives, then what a priority it should be for those of us who trust in Christ to devour the revealed word of God. The NIV Faithlife Study Bible removes every obstacle imaginable. The commentaries, articles, maps, and graphs take you as deep as you want to go while being easy to navigate. The NIV Faithlife Study Bible is a steroid shot in the arm for those reading the Bible through in a year.”  - Matt Chandler Lead Teaching Pastor, The Village Church President of Acts 29 Church Planting Network




John D. Barry

John D. Barry is the CEO and Founder of Jesus' Economy, a non-profit dedicated to creating jobs and churches in the developing world. He also serves as a missionary with Resurrect Church Movement, the domestic division of Jesus' Economy dedicated to equipping U.S. churches to alleviate poverty and plant churches. John is the editor of Lexham Bible Dictionary and has authored or edited over 30 books, including The Resurrected Servant in Isaiah, Cutting Ties with Darkness, and the daily devotional Connect the Testaments. John formerly served as founding publisher of Lexham Press and is the former editor-in-chief of Bible Study Magazine. John speaks internationally on engaging the Bible, poverty, and spreading the gospel.

Douglas Mangum

Douglas Mangum is an academic editor at Lexham Press. He is a PhD candidate in Near Eastern studies at the University of Free State and holds a Master of Arts in Hebrew and Semitic Studies from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He is an associate editor of the Lexham Bible Dictionary, editor of the Lexham Methods Series, and a regular Bible Study Magazine contributor.

Derek R. Brown

Derek R. Brown is an academic editor at Lexham Press. He holds a PhD in new Testament Studies and Christian Origins from the University of Edinburgh, a MCS in New Testament Studies from Regent College, and a BSc in Religious Studies from the University of Oregon. He is the author of The God of This Age: Satan in the Churches and Letters of the Apostle Paul, a Studies in Faithful Living co-author, a Lexham Bible Guide editor and author, a regular Bible Study Magazine contributor, and an associate editor of the Lexham Bible Dictionary.

Michael S. Heiser

Michael S. Heiser is scholar-in-residence for Faithlife Corporation and Bible Study Magazine, as well as co-editor of Old Testament Greek Pseudepigrapha and Semitic Inscriptions. Mike translates works in more than a dozen ancient languages and dialects. He was named the Society of Biblical Literature’s 2007 Pacific Northwest Regional Scholar. He is also the author of the best-selling book, The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible.



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